Plissé jewellery and accessories are inspired by the playful shapes and expressive materials used in 1970’s. Their interpretation gives the products a personal touch whilst keeping an open eye on today’s trends.

Plissé Copenhagen, Denmark is founded by Tina Fohlmann in 2014. With a background in the fashion industry – trends, personalisation and quality are characteristics carried through to the collections of Plissé Copenhagen – often with a twist of humor and quirkiness separating the brand from the classic ‘clean’ Nordic look and feel.

The jewellery is mainly crafted using 18 carat gold or silver plated on brass (processed) or steel and are guaranteed nickel free and adhere to the European Union REACH regulation, adopted to improve the protection of human health and the environment from the risks that can be posed by use of non-favorable substances. This ensures a high quality standard and at the same time keep pricing at an affordable level for that special accessory item that will add to your outfit or look.


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