Handcrafted Accessories Designer Based in Belgium

Launched in 2017 by Alexandra Hochstenbach, this Belgium-based label’s first inspiration was based on the ancient Native American culture and their admirable taste in jewelry. A variety of handcut stones in the shape of fetish animal were the inspirations for Indochine’s first creations, the Najavo collection.

As the eye travels and the journey continues, other cultures were discovered and new inspirations were found. More elements, like bronze pendants and beads, were adopted and new, innovative pieces of jewelry were born.

Today, our collection contains a wide variety of pieces, coming in a broad range of charming colours and diverse shapes. Our jewelry can be layered and combined for spontaneous, everyday outfits as well as for special occasions.

It is noteworthy that we give the highest priority to the uniqueness and authenticity of our jewelry, as each and every piece of jewelry is handmade with extraordinary passion and care.